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First -- if ne1 knows nething, it definitely takes a Diablo fan to make a flash like this.

Second -- *see the title of this comment*

Third -- Diablo actually isn't a crappy game.... despite the issues with it, it was extremely well designed for ADD people, like most of us gamers are. The class customization is some of the best I've seen. The controls were so simple, yet still very efficient (though click to move drives me NUTS sometimes).

Fourth -- Numbered lists suck, don't they?

Fifth -- Even if that flash was terrible.... it was all worth it to hear Diablo's cheesy "Not even death can save you from me!" Hah, but staticx10 + frost orb can! xD

Sixth -- There is no sixth.... well done Extar. Think it's pretty funny that people are still commenting on this 4 years later, LOL.

Seventh -- I guess there was a sixth....

Extar responds:

This one just won't die it seems. It amazes me how much rage people can feel over a flash I originally made about four years and I do so enjoy posting comments on their illuminating reviews. Thanks for the review :D

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A few tips to make this a better game. The teleporting really is a bad thing. Have mouse moving create a path for the ball to go to rather than following the mouse pixel for pixel even if the ball travels across this path instantly, (move it the balls diameter in pixels, setInterval(moveBall, 0)) this would cause the ball to travel along the playing field and possibly interact with a red ball. Also, add a timer. I would like to see when the next ball will be coming. And complicate it a bit. Have variable speed balls, or obstacles.

Good concept though. This game has good potential.

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